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Welcome to the Inspiration Hub DHO

We are very happy that you have arrived here!

Enjoy the journey!

What can we all agree on?

Imagine building a regenerative economy with the sole purpose of co-creating a new socio-economic model that provides equal access to:


* individual health and wellbeing

* secure and comfortable homes

* clean air

* pure water

* biodynamic food

* regenerative energy

* thriving natural environment 

Collective agreement is all it takes!

The Inspiration Hub

The Inspiration Hub is primarily an education and awareness centre that brings people together to

collaborate, experience and learn new ways to live in a more regenerative, self-efficient and healthy lifestyle.

Our vision is to have three pods on a piece of woodland that serves the surrounding community by

offering workshops, events and social gatherings to explore and implement solutions to

regenerative energy, organic food security and holistic wellbeing.

We invite community participation in our series of current projects through our collaboration with

One Small Town, where your membership earns you Infinity tokens for every three hours of your community contribution.

Within the three pods, sparks of inspiration for new and exciting projects begin to form a clearer map to a

decentralised way of living and an empowered way for everyone to thrive in their communities.

The first step is to to join as a member of One Small Town and then choose which of our inspiring projects you would like to contribute to and start earning your Infinity tokens by being a part of the first One Small Town in the United Kingdom.

OST Shoreham Focus Vision Map_edited.png

The Three Pods

HEAL Centre, Earth Bowl cafe and Activities Hub. 

OST Shoreham_edited_edited_edited_edited_edited.jpg
OST Shoreham (3)_edited_edited.jpg
OST Shoreham (2)

Meet Ray as he discusses new money concepts with

Richard Vobes, 'The Bald Explorer.' 

Meet Dandy as she discusses Holistic Healing

with Richard Vobes, 'The Bald Explorer.' 

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