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Welcome to the Inspiration Hub DHO

We are very happy that you have arrived here!

Enjoy the journey!

What can we all agree on?

Imagine building a regenerative economy with the sole purpose of co-creating a new socio-economic model that provides equal access to:


* individual health and wellbeing

* secure and comfortable homes

* clean air

* pure water

* biodynamic food

* regenerative energy

* thriving natural environment 

Collective agreement is all it takes!

HEAL Centre

HEAL Centre – Bringing people together in a relaxed and welcoming space, where we can explore ideas and collaborate on viable and practical ways in which we can bring profound healing and joy to life. This is the purpose of starting the HEAL Centre as a pilot staging ground for the Wellbeing Centre in the Regenerative Ecovillage Project.


Wellbeing in Nature

In the hills above the proposed Eco-village, there are woodlands that surround a large portion of the site, and this is where we will be running workshops and day retreats to share the wisdom and teachings of many great teachers and offer practical and fun ways to return to a state of wellbeing. Placing the Inspiration Hub in a beautiful natural environment is part of the recipe for healing as we remember we are part of Nature and by returning, we come home to our inner power.


Self- awareness 

through talks and workshops

held in the woodland and centred at the Inspiration Hub.


to Nature through fun activities 

and quiet contemplation

in the woodland.


 through day retreats 

with healing and transformative


The Three Anchors

The three anchors that hold our story together.

HEAL is focused on Home, GROW is focused on Food and LEAF is focused on Energy

Three of the most important areas to begin building a new decentralised life.

'SEEDS is a bridge for transitioning to a new era with new evolutionary potentials.

We call this the Regenerative Renaissance.'

SEEDS Constitution

People have the power to change the world together!

original - 2023-07-18T164410.862.png

Aligned Vision

Creating a whole new world together!

It sounds too big to contemplate, doesn't it.

Well it is if we are doing it alone, but not if we are doing it together.

That is why we are aligned with the global community of SEEDS who provide 

support, tools and systems to help us build a new thrivable world with true 

democracy and governance, and a new currency that benefits both 

people and planet.

Our focus is on thrivability, not mere sustainability, by inspiring a generative vision of our future as an

evolutionary process that brings us together. We focus on developing our regenerative and

transformative capacities together; to become the world we wish to live in. SEEDS is here to provide

foundational support for our transition, as a Regenerative Renaissance movement. SEEDS supports and

helps unite the diverse change-making movements across our earth.'

SEEDS Constitution


Local Currencies
original - 2023-07-18T142957.207.png
Our pathway to freedom!
original - 2023-07-18T143003.859.png
LocalScale is a public benefit organization focusing on the development of resilient and sustainable local economies through the use of technology, science and regenerative activities.
Petals is a local currency for the micro-circular economy generated by the Inspiration Hub Eco-village Project.
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