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Welcome to the Inspiration Hub DHO

We are very happy that you have arrived here!

Enjoy the journey!

What can we all agree on?

Imagine building a regenerative economy with the sole purpose of co-creating a new socio-economic model that provides equal access to:


* individual health and wellbeing

* secure and comfortable homes

* clean air

* pure water

* biodynamic food

* regenerative energy

* thriving natural environment 

Collective agreement is all it takes!

HEAL Centre

The first step on the Inspiration Hub journey is the HEAL Centre – Bringing people together in a relaxed and welcoming space, where we can explore ideas and collaborate on viable and practical ways in which we can bring profound healing and joy to life.

The Three Anchors

The three anchors that hold the Inspiration Hub story together.

HEAL is focused on Home, GROW is focused on Food and LEAF is focused on Energy

Three of the most important areas to begin building a new decentralised life.



Meet Ray as he discusses new money concepts with

Richard Vobes, 'The Bald Explorer.' 

Meet Dandy as she discusses Holistic Healing

with Richard Vobes, 'The Bald Explorer.' 

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