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HEAL Centre – Bringing people together in a relaxed and welcoming space, where we can explore ideas and collaborate on viable and practical ways in which we can bring profound healing and joy to life. This is the purpose of starting the HEAL Centre as a pilot staging ground for the Wellbeing Centre in the Regenerative Ecovillage Project.

Healthy Environment And Lifestyle

Earth Bowl café/restaurant/juice bar, will provide the community with healthy nutrition in the form of delicious meals, snacks and drinks using local and naturally organic ingredients.

The Earth Bowl is a welcoming and comfortable venue for the community to connect through meaningful discussions, light conversations, fun engagements and as an operations hub for the Regenerative Ecovillage Project.


Introducing a golden opportunity to co-create a new

local value exchange system





Fun(d)raising Campaign

Goldback & PALS Fun(d)raiser


  • Goldback & PALS are loyalty points used as valued tokens of exchange.

  • Treasure them, Gift them, Exchange them, value them in whichever way you choose.

  • All donations are invested into growing the HEAL Centre & Earth Bowl and towards increasing local value through additional regenerative projects, products and services.

  • Member contributions and fundraising donations are rewarded with digital PALS, that are convertible to physical Goldbacks through the Treasury.

  • Wholesale Goldback distribution opportunities for active members to expand community reach.

  • Goldback & PALS loyalty points are issued through the Inspiration Hub DHO Treasury.


Petals Tokens (token abbreviation = PALS)


PALS are digital loyalty points that are representative of the amount of 24 carat Goldbacks that the DHO Treasury has in production or vaulted, meaning that we are continuously increasing our physical Goldback inventory when we convert fiat currency donations into PALS.


Funding for our projects and business start-ups will come from the wholesale to retail markup of Goldbacks.

Why Loyalty Points?


“As for the engagement itself, loyalty programs offer a wide range of options: gamification, badges, tiers, birthday surprises, early access privileges — and the list goes on.” Forbes


“In a world where loyalty points rank as the third favorite payment option, their potential is often underestimated. A staggering $48 trillion in unspent loyalty points are floating globally, a testament to the untapped power of these rewards.” Qiibee

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Pioneer Level
Blazing A Trail

This level of the fundraiser is for those who feel an authentic connection to the vision
of co-creating a new value paradigm, one that supports all the things that we truly
value in life. Every Pioneer joining the fundraiser at this level will enjoy Goldback & PALS rewards that won’t be available at future levels.

The fundraising goal of this level is to raise £5,000 for a relaxing space in Steyning to offer healing therapies and workshops, and £3,500 for launching Dandy’s Raw Chocolate as a Goldback & PALS promotional campaign, with a Goldback in each batch of the seven different flavours.

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Adventurer Level
Leading The Way

This level is for those who are looking to venture along the path already established
by the pioneers, and who want to map their own journey in creating new pathways
off the beaten track for others to follow, into a future yet unknown.

The fundraising goal of this level is to raise £16,500 to establish the Inspiration Hub Foundation and DHO Treasury, and to expand Goldback & PALS community reach through rewards for members actively raising funds with Goldbacks.

Untitled design (22).png
Discoverer Level
Inspirational Solutions

This level is for those who are curious about life and relish the thought of
undertaking exciting and challenging quests, towards the discovery of innovative
solutions that have the potential for generating unlimited possibilities and golden
opportunities for co-creating an enjoyable and regenerative future.

The fundraising goal of this level is to raise £550,000 to buy a Grade ll Listed Buiding in Steyning as a home for the Earth Bowl café/restaurant/juice bar, which will be held in Trust for benefit of the community and will be an operations hub for the community-led Regenerative Ecovillage Project.

Fun(d)raising Preparation


  • Establishing the Inspiration Hub DAO Foundation as our legal structure.

  • Establishing the DHO Treasury in preparation for the launch of the Goldback & PALS fundraising campaign.


Fun(d)raising Goal


  • Securing a suitable space for offering healing therapies and workshops, to support community wellbeing and the transition to a healthy environment and lifestyle.

  • Buying a suitable building as a secure home for the HEAL Centre & Earth Bowl and placing it in trust with the Inspiration Hub DAO Foundation for the benefit of all.

To support the Goldback & PALS fun(d)raising campaign, please click on the donate button below.

Every donation of £5 or more will receive PALS loyalty points that can be exchanged for Goldbacks through the Inspiration Hub DHO treasury, once the campaign ends.

By choosing to join our fun(d)raising campaign you are becoming a co-creator of

truth, empowerment and freedom for future generations.

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