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Welcome to the Inspiration Hub

04 June 2023

It’s time to heal, it’s time to tune in to our hearts to find the answers we are seeking. It’s time to feel our essence and our humanity and dance this dance of life together in rhythm and in harmony with all our relations, all kingdoms on earth and in tune with the Earth, our Mother Earth, the Spirit of Gaia, Pachamama. It is with a sense of responsibility that I find myself here writing this post, to successfully communicate the right words that I know will hold the power of their true resonance. As I write, the words play their own tune and ripple out to find resonance. I hope I reach all of you that hold the same tune and together we can create a harmony that reaches the highest levels of harmonic order. We are here to witness life and to be in this experience of unfolding creation. A human is ‘being’ rather than doing. How are you being? 

Its how you feel that is important and not how you do. Returning to our centre and finding our inner balance is our pathway back to ‘being.’ It is in this state of ‘being’ that a reconnection with our true essence, the witness of life, begins.

Our Purpose

Every single being has a unique purpose, their own unique vibration and their own tune to play to the magnificent harmony of creation.

How do we harmonise together when there are discordant tunes all around us?

I have asked myself this question many times and realised I was looking for answers in the wrong place. The answers cannot be found in the brain, they are found in the heart. The heart plays a tune, a vibration that we can communicate to each other and to all of creation through our sound frequency.

Words hold powerful resonance and it is the intention behind the words that is communicated. The same word can be used to communicate fear frequencies or to communicate love frequencies and we can only hold one of the dual vibrations at any time. It is not the meaning of the word but the energy behind it that we tune into when receiving information and emanate our feedback in communication.

In Harmony

Opening the heart to receive the pure resonance of the words that I am communicating to you through this post, is a crucial part of this subtle,

yet powerful process of us moving together in energetic resonance.

We are connecting to a specific frequency that holds a timeline for all those whom are resonating towards a world that beats in harmony and rhythm with the Earth. Our hearts can hear the tune of this timeline and it is our personal responsibility to heal our differences and come into agreement and alignment with, as Charles Eisenstein says, ‘the more beautiful world our hearts know is possible.’ All that is required is to open up our hearts individually to heal our past, letting go of the constraints of the timeline that holds the frequency of fear and doubt. Let us individually tune into a new timeline of inspiration, wonder and joy. With my heart song, I present to you, the Inspiration Hub.

Showing up

The Inspiration Hub is a space where those who resonate with the same heart song can gather and move together along a timeline that holds a vision

of a harmonious world. A new type of self-governance that works on a community level to self-organise and thrive in abundance.

We organise ourselves around a new type of structure called a DHO, Decentralised Human Organisation. We work through new governing processes that help the community make individual choices that align with the core principles of the community vision. All that is required is for an individual to resonate with the heart song of the vision and make their choice to show up and contribute in their own unique way. With our ‘Inspired Solutions Map’, we navigate a way through the unknown territory of creating the kind of world that we can thrive in, discovering solutions that match our connection to each other and the Earth. In wonder, inspiration and awe of the beauty of creation at the core of all we do and holding space to show up for others to hear our heart song.

Maintaining our vibration

Collective resonance, similar to the way a flock of starlings create a murmuration in the twilight sky, shows how we can move together in tune with each other towards the same destination. We can lean into this as we begin our journey together, a journey of inner transformation as we let go of the old vibration and move into the new one. Healing our wounds and opening our hearts to receive a pure vibrational match. As we do our individual healing, we fine tune our vibration and begin to resonate on a new level. Maintaining this new vibration is an ongoing process of personal reconnection to your heart song.

Amplification of our vibration

When we sing our heart song together, we amplify the vision we are feeling.

Time and space collapse and we can manifest our vision into reality.

Do you hear our heart song?

Welcome to the Inspiration Hub.

Words by Dandy Christofi

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