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GROW (Growing Regenerative Organic Wholefoods)

Restoring the biodiversity of our soils is one of the most important steps in re-connecting our health to the health of our environment. A single handful of garden soil contains thousands of species and millions of individual micro-organisms. It is estimated that at least about one-quarter of species on planet Earth live in soils, creating a diverse and healthy ecosystem that sustains

life for plants, animals and humans.

We will be showcasing the value of food, from the local growing of organic food in regenerative soil, to the creation of rewarding opportunities; getting creative with natural fibres; applying regenerative biomimicry; innovation for energy production; and exploring the remarkable power and value of regenerative plant foods and medicines. The Inspiration Hub allows us to demonstrate how this can be achieved, while creating awareness of the benefits of connecting with Nature and the nature of ourselves,

through natural therapies and healthy nutrition. This is the purpose of GROW.


Wellbeing in Nature

The Inspiration Hub is a creative learning and awareness space that introduces a vision of health and wellbeing for people and planet, in the most creative, inspiring and empowering way. A support network that promotes self-empowerment and self-healing ability, through a re-connection to Nature, our individual and collective consciousness and the Oneness of life. 

As part of the Inspiration Hub we aim to build the 'Earth Bowl.'

 Here we will offer organic cold pressed juices, smoothie bowls, plant based food, hot cacao and a range of superfood beverages.


This is to enhance your experience at the Inspiration Hub and to ensure that you are nourished with the best possible nutrition to sustain you during our activities. Looking to the future, we aim to grow our own organic food with permaculture principles and be able to use our food waste as an energy source to run the Earth Bowl.


Earth Bowl (1)_edited_edited.jpg

Here are some of the GROW workshops we will be running at the Inspiration Hub.

SaSi-Spores and Seeds initiative is a project connected to the GROW anchor of the Inspiration Hub.

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