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HEAL (Healthy Environment And Lifestyle)

The Inspiration Hub will host talks, workshops, demos, film screenings and exhibits

that promote a healthy environment and lifestyle. This becomes a platform for the

community to begin learning new ways to live a lifestyle that holds the wellbeing of

people and planet at the forefront. Inviting conversation about the many creative

and innovative healing solutions already available to us.

Bringing people together in a relaxed and welcoming space, where we can explore

ideas and collaborate on viable and practical ways to bring them to

life. Learning how to experience the benefits and rewards of a healthy environment

and lifestyle, empowers people to embrace life in a more enjoyable and fulfilling

way. This is the purpose of HEAL.


Wellbeing in Nature

Why begin with wellbeing?

How are we going to build a new world when we have no energy within?

This is why we begin with wellbeing, so that we can access the energy that is within us and focus that energy into an idea and then organise ourselves into practical action. When we are all feeling well and are aligned with our intentions, then we can focus that energy into successful physical manifestation.

Life is a rollercoaster ride, that takes us on all sorts of twists and turns. At times we are exhilarated and at other times we are held waiting in anticipation for the next turn. Life is a journey of self-discovery and exploring the practical toolset that you can use to reconnect with your heart brings a returning to your authentic, true self.


At the core of wellbeing is a remembering, a returning to your heart through your own healing journey. If you feel well, then you are unlimited and we are only limited by our own limitations. Connecting to Nature allows us to reconnect with our natural essence and the journey is to overcome our ego selves to find our true selves. We can harness the natural energy flow that is within us and become motivated and energised to take on the task of building a new world for ourselves and future generations.

In the Inspiration Hub, we will be running workshops and day retreats to share the wisdom and teachings of many great teachers and to offer practical and fun ways to return to a state of wellbeing. Placing the Inspiration Hub in a beautiful natural environment is part of the recipe for healing as we remember we are part of Nature and by returning, we come home to our inner power.

Original painting by Lynn Berryhill

Wellbeing in Nature 

One of the first workshops will be centred around the shamanic teachings of the Medicine Wheel.

The Medicine Wheel begins with the medicine of Serpent in the South at the level of the physical. At the level of the Mind we have the medicine of Jaguar in the West. At the level of the Soul we have the medicine of Hummingbird in the North and at the level of Energy is the medicine of Eagle in the East. To learn more about some of the holistic services offered through the Inspiration Hub please visit:

'Shamanism reveals that we are part of Nature 

and one with all of life.

It is understood that in the shaman's worlds everything in existence has a spirit

and is alive, and that the spiritual aspects of all of life are interconnected through what is

often called the web of life. Since we are part of Nature, Nature itself becomes a helping

spirit that has much to share with us about how to bring our

lives back into harmony and balance.'

Sandra Ingerman

Here are some of the HEAL workshops we will be running at the Inspiration Hub.

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new workshops (2).png
new workshops.png
new workshops (1).png

CHI-Community Health Initiatives is a project connected to the HEAL anchor of the Inspiration Hub.

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