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LEAF (Local Energy And Fuel)

There’s so much to the story of energy that’s been neglected in our modern society narratives and teachings. From the wonder of the powerful electrical energy that flows through our entire body, to the amazing benefits of biodynamic foods that provide high quality fuel to every living cell in our body, both human and non-human.

First there’s the regenerative energy and fuels that can power our homes and our lifestyles, and then there’s the energy in everything that connects us to all other energy in the known and unknown universe. We begin this leg of our journey with the former, as all three Chapters of our story cover the latter. The LEAF Chapter of our story is about collaborating with Nature to discover ways in which we can create healthy energy flows, in every aspect of our life.

Wellbeing in Nature

It is pure insanity to believe that the true economic and environmental cost of intensively mined, drilled or fracked fossil fuel, could ever amount to less than that of a local and regenerative energy network, and yet this is what

inept governments and corporate energy cartels would have us believe.

The global energy industry is one of the world’s largest, most profitable and strategically critical industrial sectors. The industry touches everybody’s daily lives and is deeply connected to the politics, national security, and economic

development of all nations. It is imperative that we achieve community ownership of local energy and fuel production, thereby putting the power and profits into the hands of the people and their communities. 

We have some amazing disruptive innovations in the energy and fuel sectors that could be produced at community and regional level, providing much needed decentralisation and local ownership of regenerative energy and fuel provision. This is the purpose of LEAF.

Below are a few disruptive technologies that we have been considering for the Ecovillage project. We invite you to join us in exploring these solutions further and discovering even more. Through co-creation workshops and collaborative discussions, we can implement and utilise the regenerative potential that the technologies hold for the benefit of all.



Here are some of the Energy innovations that we will be exploring at the Inspiration Hub.

ACE-Affordable Clean Energy is a project connected to the LEAF anchor of the Inspiration Hub.

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